Advertising / PR

A modern advertising / production agency with roots in the printed media but who have grown up and evolved with digital and social media.


Large catalog productions is a niche for us and we have extensive experience of working with international contacts for multilingual productions.


Our production range:

  • Idea
  • Design
  • Product Texts
  • Translations
  • Product and image shooting
  • Procurement / mediation of printing assignments
  • Distribution
  • One contact for the entire production

It is not certain that we do everything ourselves, in some cases we use partners that we have well-established partnerships with.

We have over the years had assignments for companies in most industries:

Car industry, Industrial Vehicles, Sports, Hunting, Fashion, Education Sector, Office Equipment, Computers, Furnishing & Decoration, Telecommunications, Consumer Electronics etc.


Contact us and tell us about your needs or ask us how we can help you in the position you are now.


Phone: +46 431 44 65 80


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